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Sultrade Automation s.r.o. is a newly established company belonging to the group of companies SULTRADE, which was created by the takeover of employees of the company. EnvoPlus Services. s.r.o.

It therefore links to the previous activities of ENVOPlus Services s.r.o. and


Acquiring know-how in the field of development, production and service of packing lines for the food industry is guaranteed by all employees, and the conditions for extending the activities to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries are gradually being created.


As the structure of the company contains, in addition to its own design and assembly and software capacities, the production capacities in the field of welding and machining, it also offers the possibility of cooperation.


At present, certain capacities in the MIG and MAG welding, TIG DC and TIG AC / DC are mainly stainless steels, aluminum, Ti and machining on horizontal CNC milling machines or other machining work.


Contact :

Chief Executive Officer

p. Jiří Franta

Tel.: 00420 737 289 781 , email :


Individual orders 

p. Lukáš Vágner

Tel.: 00420 601 568 837 , email :


Development and manufacture of machinery and equipment 

p. Miroslav Mžika

Tel.: 00420 601 568 835 , email :


Business Register


All  production and technical facilities are concentrated in the premises PERNINK okr. Karlovy Vary, Nádražní ul. č.p. 297 CZ

The official seat of the company is  Praha, ul. Bělohorská 85/238, tel. 2 20 51 8751,2  fax: 2 20 51 8750,